Benoist Type XIV at Creve Coeur Lake

Benoist Early Type XII land plane

Benoist Type XII on the Mississippi

Benoist Type XII at NASM

Benoist single seat flyabout

Benoisst Type XII late model land plane

Why Build A Flyalbe Benoist Type XII Tractor Biplane?

This Project, while daunting, is a very achievable goal. The National Air and Space Museum made some drawings of the Benoist-Korn Type XII that is currently hanging in their facility at Dulles International Airport in Washington , D.C. and there are also some photos available of the aircraft as it was being restored that will be very helpful in our efforts. There is also an existing single seat Benoist Flyabout still in existance at the State Historical Museum of Iowa in Des Moines. While both these planes are hanging from the ceiling of their respective museums, they will still offer a great opportunity for study as our project moves forward. Modern digital imaging will allow us to gain insights into the construction of both planes. We want to do this project to honor the memory and works of Thomas W. Benoist and to promote the aviation history of our city and state. Interested in knowing more about Thomas W. Benoist and his aircraft? Click Here Want to read the book? Click Here.

What Kind Of Engine? 

Good question. When this project was first concieved there were several ideas regarding a powerplant because we wanted flyable aircraft, not just a static museum replica. The Roberts six cylinder two cycle engine is a very unusual looking engine compared  with anything available today. However, at least one or two replicas of this engine have been built and it would be our plan to try to negotiate the purchase of two engines from the museum owner who commissioned their construction. 

If it's not capable of flight, then it's not really an airplane is it? Will it leave the pattern? Probably not but it won't be a statue! 

Will It Be Flyable?